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Environmental Policy

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1. Azurevac is committed to sound environmental practice and to safeguarding the local environment in partnership with the whole community.

2. By adopting these principles, we publicly affirm our belief that our business has a direct responsibility for the environment. We will carry out our activities as responsible stewards of the environment and strive to deliver services in a manner that leaves the Earth healthy and safe.

3. We recognise this to be a long-term commitment to updating our practices continually in light of advances in technology and new understandings in health and environmental science.

4. The following principles of action will be applied to all of our services and activities: –

5.1 Protection of our Environment

5.1.1 We will minimise, and wherever possible, eliminate the release of any pollutant that may cause environmental damage to the air, water, earth or its inhabitants.

5.2 Sustainable Use of Natural Resources

5.2.1 We will sustain the use of renewable natural resources and will conserve non-renewable resources through efficient use and careful planning.

5.3 Minimisation and Safe Disposal of Waste

5.3.1 We will minimise the creation of waste, and wherever possible recycle materials and encourage others to do likewise. We will dispose of our waste in a safe and responsible way.

5.4 Wise Use of Energy

5.4.1 We will make every effort to use environmentally safe and sustainable energy sources.

5.5 Risk Reduction

5.5.1 We will minimise the risk of environmental damage by employing safe technologies and operating procedures.

5.6 Delivery and Purchase of Safe Services

5.6.1 We will deliver services that minimise adverse environmental impacts. We will include environmental standards in all contracts and service level agreements. Within the terms of the law, we will make provision to ensure that contractors working on the company’s behalf apply environmental standards equivalent to the company’s own.

5.7 Disclosure

5.7.1 We will disclose to our employees and to the public, incidents relating to our operations that cause environmental harm.

5.8 Environmental Responsibility

5.8.1 We will commit the management and resources necessary to implement these principles.

5.9 Staff Training

5.9.1 We will ensure that all staff and members are aware of their environmental responsibilities in terms of these principles.

LAst updated aug 2019