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Skyvac Industrial 85 Hire for Residential & Commercial Properties.

Keep your feet safely on the ground.

Are you are considering cleaning the gutters out on your home, do not have a ladder or relish the thought of climbing one?  Then vacuum clearing your homes gutters is the safest method.

The most powerful mobile mains powered gutter vacuum from SkyVac™. The Industrial 85 is efficient at the removal of stubborn gutter blockages. Unique PowerMix feature gives 50% more suction lift power. An ideal gutter vacuum hire kit that cleans out your gutters the safe way.

The advanced carbon fibre pole sections are 3 times lighter than equivalent aluminium poles making them much lighter to manoeuvre overhead and can reach up to 12 metres (40ft) from the ground.

This gutter cleaning vacuum hire kit is suitable for:

Large resdiential & commercial properties upto 4 storeys. Clears blocked gutters containing large amounts of debris e.g. plants and grass. It is also useful at getting around conservatories or extensions or restricted gutter cleaning access.

If the gutters on your property contain substantial debris e.g. clumps of grass, you may need to consider our expert full-service gutter cleaning.

Our full service is operated by us, the experts in vacuum gutter cleaning.

Restricted access gutters being cleaned.
School Gutters Being Cleared Safely From The Ground
Plants blocking gutter
Tall House Gutter Being Cleared Safely From The Ground
Pwermix feature that increases suction


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Industrial 85 gutter vacuum system
Industrial 85 powermix feature gutter vacuum system

Gutter Vacuum Hire Features

  • Lightweight carbon fibre vacuum poles that reach
  • 12 metres (40ft) from the safety of the ground
  • 6 metres of flexi pick up hose
  • Crevice end tool
  • Steel dirt breaker tool
  • Daily end tool
  • 135-degree blue flexi neck tool holder
  • 180-degree blue flexi neck tool holder
  • Pole and accessory carrying bag

Gutter Vacuum Hire Specifications

Motor Wattage:

3300 watts max (x3 motors)

Water Lift:


Air Flow Movement:

8000 litres per minute

Decibel Level:

72 dB

Container Capacity:

78 litres

Mains Connection:


Power Cable Length

10 metres


36 kg

L x W x H (cm):

60 x 64 x 114

Powerful Gutter Vacuum in Action

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