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Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions our customers ask. If you can't find the answer you were looking for then please contact us, so we can help you.


Q.  Why do I need to get the gutters on my property cleared?

Gutters are a vital component in your property’s drainage system, and it is important that you keep it
well-maintained. Ignoring maintenance on gutters can lead to unforeseen costly damage to your property. Your buildings insurance may not cover for damage to property caused by poorly maintained gutters.

Q.    How often should I get the gutters on my property cleared?

We recommend at least once a year and in some cases the gutters will need cleaning twice a year. Even if the property is not close to trees, other debris will still collect in the gutters for example moss, silt and seedlings which birds have left behind.

Q.    I own a buy to let property, are the tenants responsible for clearing the gutters or me?

Depends on your tenancy agreement, as a landlord you could take the view that your investment needs to be looked after and well maintained. We always recommend for the landlord to take responsibility for clearing blocked gutters on a rental property.

We offer an annual maintenance schedule or end of tenancy gutter clear. Our video evidence is kept on file and our invoice gives proof for insurance companies that routine maintenance has been carried out.

Regular preventative maintenance is always more cost effective than having to pay costly repairs to guttering or the fabric of the property.

Q.   I live in a house with a shared downpipe with my neighbours.

We can clear just your gutter runs up to the boundary of your neighbour’s property. You do run the risk of next doors debris washing back to your cleared gutters if the downpipe is on your boundary.

To maximise the effectiveness of using our service we would recommend contacting your neighbour and arrange a group booking. We offer discounts for same day group bookings.

Q.   Do I need to be at home on the day of the gutter clearing service?

No, as long as access has been pre-arranged, allowing our operators to move freely around the property. If somebody is going to be on the premises, we ask that they are over 18 years of age and have authority to act on behalf of the property owner. We also ask that pets are kept inside the property whilst the gutter clearing operation takes place.

Q.  How will I know the level of debris in the gutters?

During the initial inspection we will utilise a high-level inspection camera to record debris levels inside the gutters. We will then send you a link via email so you able be able to view the video recording.

Q.   How will I know the debris has been cleared in the gutters?

After clearing the gutters, we will again utilise a high level inspection camera to record inside the gutters. We will then send you a link via email so you able be able to view the video recording.

Q.   How long will it take to clear the gutters on my property?

During the initial inspection we will be able to establish and estimated time to complete the service and let you know.  Every property varies in time, this depends on many things including size of the property, access, quantity of guttering, level, type of of debris within the gutters and any blockages in downpipes.

Q.   Will the charge increase if it takes longer than expected?

No, we charge by the linear metre. If it takes longer than expected you will still pay the agreed quote which was sent to you. If additional work is requested by the customer on the day of the gutter clear, then a re-calculation of the original quote agreed may be carried out prior to commencement of the work.

Q.   Will you use scaffolding, ladders or other high-level access equipment?

No, all work is carried out from the safety of the ground utilising our high reach powerful vacuum system.  We may utilise our own a step or extension ladder if needed, as long as it meets our health and safety requirements.

Q.   I have plant material growing in my gutters, will your vacuum system be able to remove it?

Yes, our powerful triple motor industrial grade vacuum system is more than capable of removing plants that are rooted and growing in your properties gutters.

Q.   Do you clean commercial gutters as well as residential?

Yes, we are happy to work for residential, and commercial customers.

Q.  What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most major debit and credit cards. For customers with an account can pay on invoice, we will issue an invoice after we have completed the gutter clearing service and we can accept payment by bank transfer or cheque. For customers paying by cash we will issue a receipt once the cash payment has been processed by our office.

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