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Make clearing gutters part of your public buildings maintenance routine.

Blocked gutters on a building will not just cause damage to the fabric of the structure, it could also cause water damage to stock, machinery and equipment. It could create an unpleasant and unsafe environment for your staff and the public.

Why high level vacuum clear?

We understand how hard your budget has to work but ignoring basic gutter maintenance will cost more in the long term.  Our inivitive high reach system removes the need for the additional cost of hiring high level access equipment normally associated with traditional methods of cleaning out gutters.  We also minimise risk from falling at height by not utilising ladders.

Why maintain gutters?

Gutters channel rainfall away from buildings to protect the outer skin of the property as well as the foundations. If there is a problem with the gutters it can cause water damage to your property. Gutters are an important part of your properties weather protection and water proofing system.

Reasons to keep gutters clear

  • Minimise the risk of water damage to stock, machinery, electrical equipment and other assets.
  • Blocked gutters become heavy and compromise service life of components.
  • Rainwater overflowing can run down outer walls causing damp problems inside your property.
  • Blocked gutters prevent water draining away from the property causing ground saturation which could compromise a buildings foundations or footings.
  • Standing water in the gutters can splash up under the fascia board causing water damage to the eaves.
  • Routine maintenance minimises longterm costly damage to the fabric of your premises.


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Why vacuum gutter clearing?

  • Powerful vacuum system clear debris, less mess
  • Minimal distruption to your activities
  • High reach poles, up to 3 storeys high
  • Operated from the ground
  • No additional cost of hiring access equipment for example cherry pickers or scaffolding
  • Minimises risk of falling from height
  • Manoeurable in areas where access is restricted
  • Video record of before and after clearing
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