Gutter Maintenance Tips

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Why is it so important to keep gutters clean?


Regular gutter cleaning and maintenance is essential to ensure your rain gutters are working as intended and protecting your home from water ingress and the risk of damp.


Roof gutters often become blocked with leaves, twigs and moss which can build into a thick debris residue. This can increase the risk of disruption to the flow rate of rainwater taken away to the drain. The overflow maybe obvious or even go unnoticed, you may only become aware there is an issue once costly damage has occurred.

Leaking or overflowing gutters can cause all sorts of damage to your property. Experts recommend gutter cleaning be undertaken at least once a year and in some cases twice in 12 months when trees are near to the property.


From the ground you may not even notice there is an issue with the gutters, however your property may give early clues to an underlying problem that could cost you more to repair if ignored. Insurance companies are generally unlikely to pay out for home insurance claims as a result of damage caused by damp from leaking gutters and downpipes. So regular maintenance is beneficial for your own financial interest.

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While it may seem like a minor problem, the truth is that blocked gutters can be a real risk to your property.


Read more on our tips to understand the clues which may indicate blocked Gutters or Downpipes on your property.

Penetrating Damp Wall Example

You need to act quickly in this situation, water damage to your property has probably been occurring for quite a while by the time you notice.


Read more on our tips to establish the damp origin and why your gutters or downpipes maybe the cause.

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In this section we offer some useful tips on how you can keep on top of your gutter maintenance. Do gutter guards eliminate future blockages?


Read more on the preventative measures you can take and useful information on gutter guards.

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