The Signs Rain Gutters Need Cleaning Out

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How to Spot The Signs Your Gutters Need Cleaning Out


We have compiled 4 easy tips based on our experience to help you to quickly indentify if the gutters fitted to your property would benefit from being cleaned out. We always recommend you spend some time walking around your property and look up to the gutters at least twice a year.

Tip 1. When it Rains...


If the gutters or downpipes are blocked, you will either see or hear rainwater cascading as it spills over the edge of the gutter. If you have a lower roof, for example an extension or conservatory you will more than likely hear it pouring or dripping onto the roof from inside your property.

Tip 2. Plant Growth...


Next time you are outside look up to the gutters and you may notice plants growing in them. Rich nutrient debris accumulation encourages plant growth. Plants also like to root in downpipe openings. Another sign could be loose moss collecting on a lower roof or on the ground.

Tip 3. Concealed Debris…


Harder to spot concelaed debris in the gutters from the ground but visable from our aerial camera. Indications maybe accumilation of debris on the ground or a lower roof. A slow drip could be a clue that water flow is being obstructed by debris. You could also book our free video inspection and quotation.

Tip 4. Check Roof Valleys...


Next time you are outside look up to the roof valley which is the joint at which two different roof aspects meet. This is also a drainage channel and can be considered one of the most vunerable areas, it’s constantly tasked with carrying away rainfall to the gutter. If the valley is full of debris the chances are the gutter is too.

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